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It's a good app but when I go to look on notifications it says I don't have any when they pop up on my lock screen.

Fun but...

Fun but I really dont like that your privates arent saved. I accidentally got logged out of my account and I have no more privates :( really disappointed also dont like the new glitches


This app is amazing u litterly can do songs memes and comedy jokes And Follow Me at caden_de_baller_123

The app is good but...

The app is good, the only thing I dont like is that every time I do a musically and write #featureMe they dont featureMe, I make good videos, it is not fair that they feature others and their videos arent even good.

How to get back my private musical.lys?

I have this app since like a year or so .. Then it suddenly got stuck,so I deleted it and installed it again .. The problem is I had like 70 privates and now all of them are gone .. Anyone has any idea how to get those private videos back ? I had no idea that the private videos would go if I uninstalled it ..

I love musically but it was taking up to much space so I deleted it then reinstalled it and all my privates were gone how do I get them back I had so many

One problem

The app is amazing but I recently got an iPhone 6s and in the middle of making a my screen freezes and I have to restart all over again. Also its very hard to get featured on this app how can you become discovered if your not famous? Overall I have fun on this app so please fix these problems

This app is worse than death

I dont understand all people do is badly lip sync I would rather die than watch a single video. Also the CRINGE!!!!

So good

I love this app it gives me something to when Im bored

LOVE IT but..

I completely love musically but theres one problem thats been happening recently. My captions get cut off and theyre within the amount of words allowed to be written. Id really appreciate it if you can fix it :)) but thats the only problem Im having


THE BEST APP EVER!!!! I use it everyday and it really allows me to be creative! I suggest this app to everyone!!!!

Pls kill me now

This app is so cancerous my liver stopped working.

This App is CANCER

I rated this 5 star just to get this as a review that will actually show up. This app has way too many little kids becoming millionaires just by moving their camera up and down, and lip syncing to a song that either makes no sense or talks about sex and drugs. This app needs to stop. Talentless 12 year olds who think theyre all that.

It great but there one problem

When I go on the app for like 2 minutes after watching other peoples musicalys it will just take me off the app and it gets really annoying is horrible

I was telling people in the comments that someone got hacked and what their new account was on some of their musicals. Then I later tried to post a musical but it said I couldnt because of suspicious activity on my account and to email them. I cant email them and I cant make a new account. I am really upset because all I was trying to do was alert people and I got punished. Some people are actually spamming like the people who say they will get you free crowns and whatever but they dont get punished which is bs. I now hate and dont like it anymore. I used to like it.

Is a great app but

This is an awesome app but you can make it better if you add effects like really cool effects and and also add more filters.It will make this app way better

Awesome, and Addictive, But Wish it Had Tutorials is an awesome social network, and I especially love the idea! I love that it makes it so easy to share your musicals on Instagram. Though this app is amazing, it also has its downfalls. Once you create an account, you are left to figure the app out on your on. One way to solve the may be to make tutorials so that new users can easily navigate this innovative app. Another thing I dont like is that the app ocasionally crashes while Im making a musical. This can be very frustrating, especially if it took me a while to find the song. Also, I cant figure out how to do a live moment. But if you are like me and are reading the reviews in order to decide whether or not to get the app, I definitely recommend this awesome, innovative, and slightly addictive social network site.

Great app but…

This is a awesome app Im addicted to it and you have so much fun but the problem is that since yesterday every time I click re-shot it always crashes and then when I click the app it takes like 2 minutes to reload This app needs a update to prevent crashes!!!

Kinda annoying:/

Is there a way to stop getting notifications when someone makes a Cuz its getter super annoying getting a notification every 5 minutes that someones maligning a :/ sometimes Im not even following the person

Y I love

I love it is the best game for people who love music like me. I it so awesome that you can chat with your friends and make the funniest vids ever!! is the best app out there for music. If you dont have this app you need to get it -Kaitlyn

Best thing EVER!

This app is amazing! I cant remember a time I never use it.I already have 300 fans and started like 3 months ago.

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