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It's a good app but when I go to look on notifications it says I don't have any when they pop up on my lock screen.


I tired to stay away from the app bc i was getting too addicted. Now I cant. I drink , eat , breathe & sleep

Melhor de Todos

The best the best e the best


Its awesome to make musicals... I really love it, follow me there: @damasuj




Ive got more than 8000 followers on my acc @mrvsup and more than 25000 hearts and I love doing musicals but since 2 weeks Ive got a problem. Im following NOBODY! But says Im following 50 people. My feed also says that Im following no one and its really bugging me! Ive even sent some mails but I never received an answer. Please please please get it straight its driving me insane:S


This is the best app u will ever get


Love this app so much


I think it would be cool if you could hit a star, or something to have a saved song list for if you would like to make a to a track but you dont want to make it right then and there so it could be save rather like making a video of nothing and saving it to your privates. But other than that I really enjoy this app and have a lot of fun making them!

Love but hate bugs

Love the app but since the new update I cant access MY OWN MUSIC.lYs _____________________wtf...


The app used to work fine.. But now, its takes about 5 or more minutes to load videos, including mine. Its really frustrating and makes the app hard to use! Please fix this!!

Fix pls

This app used to be great, but now whenever I try to post or privately save a musically the app crashes! Fix this!!

Favourite Social Media App

I love this app! For me there are no bugs. There should be a help button the bottom row buttons. Then it can tell you how to get a crown or how to get featured.


Can you pleease put the kpop section back!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

To the 12 year old iPod users

This is the shittiest app ever...Nine of this apps users have talent but you know whats worse then the app...the 12 year olds who want to use their iPods and are complaining.. Also there is no such thing as an iPod 5s u idiots


This game is amayzing I hope you can get it and please follow me on it is Roshnirose


i really love the app but please fix all the bugs.


It wont show any results when I search for my king anymore and idk why. I want to make musical.lys but I only ever want to use Abels songs

Nice Concept, WAY too many bugs

The amount of bugs in this app are ridiculous. It is very poorly made. Also, why do I have to be notified every time somebody is doing a live stream? Are you serious? MUSICAL.LY, STOP. EVERYBODY AND THERE DOG IS DOING LIVE STREAMS NOW AND IM ALWAYS. ITS JUST A BUNCH OF 8 YEAR OLDS FILMING THEMSELVES CLEANING THEIR ROOMS....BECAUSE THEYRE BORED. JUST MAKE A LIVE STREAM SECTION IN THE APP. SOOOO ANNOYING ugh.


I would like it more if you could do a live moment on iPod 5 but other than that it is amazing!

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